Below is an email that Bunny Yeager sent to me concerning the after effects of Hurricane Katrina in Miami, Florida (August 2005).


It is about 10:30 am and it is the first time I have ventured out of my house since Thurs.  Thurs. my electric went off and is still off.  at 2PM.   There were a lot of tree limbs blocking roads and traffic lights out all over and my battery radio said to stay home; too dangerous to go out yet.  This morning I decided to try.  There was a policeman at the end of my street asking everyone why they were there and where are you going.  The traffic light was out on US 1 near my home and my studio.  It was 4 way stop at every intersection.  I got to my office now and amazed that electric is on here and it is cool inside and comfortable.  It is awful when you have no light at home and no tv.  I was afraid to use the battery radio because I didn't know if I had more batteries.  Have you ever spent hours staring into the darkness?  I tried starting to write in a notebook my biography which worked for awhile but then I worried that if I used up all the batteries in my flashlight, I wouldn't even had that.  So I tossed and turned all nite in a room that was 90 degrees hot and dark.  I sure hope I get electric back soon.  I had to take a cold shower this morning and wash my hair  too, I was so sweaty.  Ugh!  Well now I at least have a place to go to get cooled off.  There is always work I can do.  It is impossible to work at my house with no air cond or electric.  On the radio they said power should be back for most people by Tues. but it could be as late as next Fri.  We'll see.  Just thought I'd tell you about my adventure!



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