Gerry Low
- Here we have a New York portrait, fashion, glamour and figure photographer whose work was published in quite a few photography magazines and photo digests of the late 50s and early 60s, but so far, I have found no biographical information on him. If any readers have some info on Gerry Low, please contact me.

Low worked in a well-equipped midtown studio where he concentrated on creating what he called "fashion portraits". For many years, typical fashion photos had concentrated on showing the product being publicized, with little or no emphasis on the model under the fashion. Low's fashion pictures illustrated the idea that the face, figure and beauty of the model could be important elements in heightening the attractiveness of clothing. Therefore, one of the most important elements of a Low "personality in fashion" photo was, obviously, a very beautiful model. In essence, his fashion photographs were a mix of portrait, fashion and glamour.

In terms of being published, 1957 was a pretty big year for Gerry Low, as his photos appeared in several periodicals such as Classic Photography (Spring and Summer issues), Master Photography (Summer issue) and Salon Photography ("Metal Nudes" by Gerry Low). In 1959, his photographs accompanied articles in the photo digests Good Photography ("Beauty Portraits" by Gerry Low) and Salon Photography ("Hair" by Gerry Low), and in a 1960 edition of Good Photography, photos by Mr. Low illustrated an article entitled "Figure Photography from Famous Sculpture".

Master Photography (Summer 1957) with an article on Gerry Low's Fashion Portraits
Classic Photography (Summer 1957) with an article entitled "In a Low Key: A new portfolio of Gerry Low portraits"

In addition to the articles mentioned above, Gerry Low's nudes and glamour portraits were frequently featured in all of the Whitestone photo books (Good Photography, Candid Photography, Prize Winning Photography and Salon Photography) throughout the late 1950s and early 60s. Most of Low's photographs seemed to have been taken in his studio, but one of his rare outdoor glamour photos can be seen here.

Camera equipment used by Gerry Low included the medium format Hasselblad F equipped with a Zeiss-Sonnar lens. Low preferred Panatomic-X film for portrait work due to the fact that it had almost no grain when developed (for development, he used D-76 for twelve minutes).

I hope to have more information on this photographer in the future.

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